Painting Flowers

May 2014, Photography


I didn’t really “paint flowers”. I just think flowers are works of art by the Almighty Artist (God). I captured photos of different flowers or plants around our area. I think these photos came out nice. yay



May 2014, OOTD


Hype the look (Lookbook)


May 2014, Photography


So, I got into Photography. I think I like to learn more about. I think it’s fun. It’s nice how I can capture one’s beauty with a press. And, It’s amazing how I can show all these photographs with you with just a click (and a few typing)

Waterlemon – OOTD

April 2014, OOTD

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Hype my look


Le millésime

April 2014, Polyvore
Le millésime

AX Paris green flower dress
$47 –

Ankle socks

JuJu sandals
$47 –

JuJu black jelly sandals
$42 –

Betsey johnson jewelry

Daisy Jewellery vintage jewelry
$61 –

URBANO: The Experience

April 2014, Life


UP ACTS Fashion Competition Year 1 happened last year, 2013.. I actually wanted to join the competition but I got caught up with all the stress due tothe last quarter final examinations and the pressure due to being a graduating student. I got a bit bummed because I lost the chance to finally showcase my designs. Eventually, I got over it. Then, they continued to give more opportunities for aspiring fashion designers to shine the following year, 2014. I was sooo thrilled when my cousin told me that UP ACTS will be doing the competition again. So, I immediately picked up my pencil and a piece of paper and just draw anything that pops out of my mind.

Hawaiian Luau

April 2014, Debut Gowns


“Fun under the sun”… This is sort of the concept of this theme. It could be a party along the beach or beside the swimming pool. Hawaii is famous for a lot of things. People from around the world visit this wonderful island to witness not only parts of history but also to witness Native Hawaiian’s culture of dance and music.

This outfit is all about the debutante getting her groove on. She’ll be able to dance freely in style. This outfit, also, allows good energy to flow because of its bright and vibrant colors. It really carries out the summer vibes.

Tell me what you think. Comment below 🙂

-xoxo, BAP