Like a virgin

Art, May 2014


This is my first ever painting this year. I actually used textile and rubberized paint because that’s all I have. I wanted to capture the different emotions lips can express. For me, the texture and the rich colors just screams passion and love.

Have you heard of the song “Like a virgin by Madonna”? Who wouldn’t, right? Anyway, I just love this song. I actually interpret the song to my painting. Like a virgin. For me, it’s not only about the three letter word. The song is something more. When you experience something magical for the first time or not it should always feel like you’ve experienced it as if it was always your first time. (Again, I’m not talking about the three letter word) This experience could be anything. Anything with passion and love. A hug, maybe. A kiss, perhaps. And, this is what my painting expresses.

Inside thoughts? Comment below!

-xoxo, BAP


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