May 2014, Photography


So, I got into Photography. I think I like to learn more about. I think it’s fun. It’s nice how I can capture one’s beauty with a press. And, It’s amazing how I can show all these photographs with you with just a click (and a few typing)

You see, I’m not really good at taking photographs. I just said that I’d like to learn more about it so that I’d know how to take good pictures. Anyway… I was taking random photos. Almost all photos were blurred. I don’t know if it was the wind or my shaky hands. Probably my shaky hands. I accidentally took this photo below. (the one with the flower) The lights at the side inspired me. Because of that, I played with the lights. I had fun. And, I think the shots were pretty cool yay


I’m amused by the photos I took. The lights looked like they were dancing or something. It just feels free. By the way, I named the post Laser beams because the lights do look like lasers.

Inside thoughts? Leave a comment 🙂

-xoxo, BAP


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