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April 2014, OOTD

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Hype my look



^my brother “photobomb”-ing me.


So, yeah, yes. All of these photos are taken at the grocery. And yes, my sister may be embarrassed of me during the so-called “photo shoot”. Haha. She (and I) got more embarrassed when the guard called our attention and told us that we can’t take pictures at the grocery. On the other hand, I’m glad that we already took a bunch of photos before the guard saw our actions.


I wasn’t really going for anything for the outfit. I just wanted it to be casual (bc we just went to the mall. no biggie)

I really really like this top because of the print. It’s very bright and vibrant. It really gives a statement (even if I just wanted a casual look). 

I didn’t really put much effort on accessorizing myself for the look. I like my accessories to be simple and not too much. So, just a watch and a bracelet would do it 🙂


That’s all 🙂

Inside thoughts? Then, leave a comment 🙂

-xoxo, BAP


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